K is an open initiative that experiments with a-disciplinary forms of exchange in the fields of artistic practices and research.

Since 2013, symposium formats of several days, exhibitions and workshops have taken place. These serve as a platform for young researchers and artists to test their own (un)contemporaneousness by means of recurrent personal encounters.

By now, K has established itself as an intimate laboratory and a public forum with transnational cooperation. Activities are accompanied and documented by publications and online at www.khybrid.com.

Thematic emphases emerge out of the individual participant’s contributions in response to the respective location and the changing interpersonal constellations. This way, K is a constantly changing body of multiple possibilities. It assembles current topics of artistic and research practice as well as things that are of personal relevance for us. These are brought into new formats, again and again.

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K 2013 Karlsruhe

K 2015 Berlin

K 2016 Athens
K 2017 Hydra #K2017 #LetterstoK

K 2017 was hosted and supported by Ύλη[matter]HYLE a semipublic, semipersonal space in the center of Athens at Omonia run by Georgia Sagri and Yorgia Karidi’s studio at Omonia on the 5th floor, as well as by the ASFA Villa Tompazi on the island of Hydra during the get together of nine participants at the meeting of K in October 2017 for 7 days. K is a self-organized, non-profit organisation run by a group of artists and thinkers based in different cities, mainly in Europe, since 2013. In 2017 there took place some major changes within K, after a kind of internal crisis…we stay together and changed some structural things, so K now is co-organized by the team of Isabel Bredenbroeker, Sarah Lehnerer, Lennart Boyd Schuermann, Angela Stiegler, Felix Leon Westner. K 2017/ 2018 is supported by the contributions in form of letters by (in order of appearance) Angela Stiegler, Barbara Spiller, Marianna Feher, Mirja Reuter, Isabel Bredenbroeker, Lennart Boyd Schuermann, Yulia Lokshina, Philipp Benkert, Yorgia Karidi, Meghan Maucherat de Longpré and receives financial support from the City of Munich Department of Arts and Culture, the LfA Förderbank Bayern, the Erasmus+ programm and the Erich und Gisela von Steiner-Stiftung, that will support the print of the publication Letters to K.

On 6 October 2018 the new K publication will be released in Munich including Letters to K + K Athens + Kritical moments.

K 2018 Munich 5-7 October with new publication and website release

K 2019 summer 2019 for 7 days conference-exhibition in Brussels (further details TBA)

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